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Structured Canvas Language™
for Web Animations that run anywhere

New: Embed SCL

SCL™ has a new development studio for embedding SCL™ animations on your web page, blog or other http/html service.

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How it works
Type it out, push "Run".
  • SCL™ is a very simple language to create web animations that run in any browser, and on any platform: mobile or desktop
  • Upload images you want to use for your animation, then use SCL™ to animate them.
  • The rich features of SCL™ allow you to create animation logos, interactive motion graphics, or even games.
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SCL™ Game Development

Sometimes the simplest games make the biggest splash. See Flappy Bird or 2048 for proof of that. SCL™ is meant for creating the simplest games, easily. Once published they run anywhere.

  • Use the SCL™ language to create a game in our developer studio.
  • Once complete, we'll post it to
  • From there, anyone can play it on any device. Mobile, desktop, Android, iOS, Windows Phone or Blackberry.
  • We are actively seeking advertisers so developers can earn money on every play.
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