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Structured Canvas Language, or SCL, is a web-based programming language designed to easily make animations on web pages. Unlike Flash, SCL™ is created on a web page and runs on all platforms, mobile and desktop. SCL™ is unique in that its code is entered on a web page, rather than read from a server. The language is declarative in nature, meaning that you simply state what you want to happen, and SCL™ decides how to do it. The SCL™ web site provides a development studio for creating animations and games, plenty of documentation, and a trove of examples and demos.

How it works

Rather than being a Javascript library like most programming tools for the web, SCL™ is a language that is interpreted by Javascript. SCL™ provides a unique syntax that is easy to understand and use. Additionally, SCL™ does not need to be uploaded to a server to run. Instead, it is read from any source, including text entered directly on a web page itself.

The SCL™ Development Studio is a robust development studio where animations can be created and tested, even on mobile devices. The developer studio contains example code, example animations, a scratch pad for experimenting, and a canvas that plays the animation being created. For testing, a link is provided that enables testing on other devices.

SCL™ provides two development environments: one for general animations, and one for games. General animations are embeddable on other web sites, blogs and other HTTP/HTML services. Games, being a special case of animation, are published on the SCL™ game site The two environments allow non-programmers to easily create animations that will run anywhere.


  • Create animations and games through a single web interface without requiring access to a server
  • No programming experience is required. Learn from examples
  • Extensive documentation and live, editable, examples
  • SCL™ animations run on all HTML5 compliant browsers - desktop and mobile
  • Robust animations features include:
    • Sprites with parent/child relationships
    • Various types of sprite movements and effects
    • Basic draw operations on the canvas or onto sprites
    • Different methods to store animation data
    • Respond to animation events and user actions
    • Sound support


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About Linewave Inc.

Linewave Inc is a Canadian registered corporation, founded by Derek Duban, operating out of Edmonton Alberta. Until recently Linewave focused on contract programming in the Edmonton area. SCL™ was developed by Linewave over the past several years and is now the primary focus of operations.



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