Structured Canvas Language

What is SCL?

SCL is the result of several years of part time development by a programmer with a passion for seeing immediate results. Making something move on the screen is quite immediate.

It started with a library written for Flash games that was only ever used in one game. Then it was decided that HTML5/Javascript was the future of web gaming, so the library was converted. But in that initial state the library was only useful to Javascript programmers. So why not create a syntax that makes it easy for anyone to do a quick animation? Thus SCL was born.

Terms of Use

SCL, may only be used on licensed sites.

  1. This agreement applies only to scripts owned by the proprietors of, Linewave Inc. of Edmonton Alberta, Canada.
  2. Scripts to which the agreement applies will be referred to as "SCL Scripts". SCL Scipts include, but are not limited to, SCLCore.js, SCLCore_dev.js, SCL.js and SCL_dev.js. Versions of the scripts ending in "_SCLCore.js" are also subject to this agreement.
  3. No permission is given to use SCL Scripts except as indicated in this agreement.
  4. You may not use SCL Scripts except when hosted on
  5. SCL scripts may not be downloaded, saved, or otherwise used except as used by your web browser to view this web site.
  6. You agree that your acceptance of these terms will be recorded along with your authentication id and your IP address.
  7. You will not share your login credentials with anyone.

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You can contact us at admin and you can probably guess what follows the @ in our email address here at structured canvas language . com

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