Data Pair Structures in SCL

Data pairs allow you to give values names. When you create a data structure as "pairs" you then specify the values as key/value pairs in the "set" section. Then you can refer to those values using the usual data.MyPairs. notation.
To change a data pair value, use "var" command to assign the new value.
See the example below.
Of course, as a data structure, you can also assign data pairs to a level using "into". You can read more about levels here.
create data from pairs as MyPairs
  x=1 y=2 z="hi there"

create routine as Start
  log(data.MyPairs.x) // print 1
  log(data.MyPairs.y) // print 2
  var data.MyPairs.y=3
  log(data.MyPairs.y) // print 3
  update data MyPairs reset
  log(data.MyPairs.y) // print 2
More about data: Overview || data lists || levels