Use "create" to create a sound object and in a routine specify which sound to play and other manipulations.
To play a sound, it must be in mp3 format for maximum portability. Some browsers may have issues with sound fade effects.

_all rather than a sound name can be used for: play, mute, unmute, pause, and unpause.

create sound from "music1.mp3" as sndMusic1 where repeat=3 volume=0.4 fadein=500 end create sound from "music2.mp3" as sndMusic2 where repeat=2 volume=0.8 fadeout=1000 end create routine as ChangeMusic stop sound sndMusic1 where fadeout=1200 play sound sndMusic2 // no parameters supported pause sound sndMusic2 where fadeout=500 unpause sound sndMusic2 where fadein=500 mute sound sndMusic2 where fadeout=500 unmute sound sndMusic2 where fadein=500 end


from {mp files}
a double-quoted " sound file name.
as {name}
the name of the new sound object.
completion={routine name}
the name of a routine to run when the sound finishes playing.
set between 0.0 and 1.0 inclusive
the time for which the fadein should last.
the time for which the fadeout should last. This may be limited by some platforms to require a value greater than 300 for best-sounding effect.
number of times the sound repeats. Use a really high 9999999 number for continuous play.